6 Apr

FCT Home Protection Plans


Posted by: Fred Knowles

The annual Great Spring Reveal is upon us. As the harsh of winter finally begins to fade into spring, and the snow finally begins to melt, two things are quickly revealed:

Dog Poop and Leaky Basements

If you bought your house in the winter one of these surprises might just cost you more than a grocery bag and a few tears – tears you will be crying into the river running through your basement when all the winter ice melts. The end of winter and the purchase of a new home are cause for celebration, so make sure your celebrations aren’t dampened by unforeseen water damage.

This is a great option for those looking to mitigate the risk of purchasing a new home during the annual thaw. It covers up to $20,000.00 in damages, repairs and replacement of things like cracked foundations, furnace repairs etc.

Before purchasing a new home learn about FCT Home Protection Plans – a great way to protect your new home and your wallet from unforeseen expenses.

FCT Home Protection Plan – Enjoy your home, we’ll take care of the rest